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3 USA PREDATOR BLADES JOHN DEERE M141785 M87622 AM100538 420 425 430 445 450

SKU: B1PD5063 X 3

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MADE IN THE USA!! Not cheap imports!!!

Predator blades provide the flat blade design preferred by most commercial mowers with an extended cutting length for increased cutting efficiency with more resistance to bending. Tighter tolerances in the aftermarket vs. OEM. By the way they are made in the USA!

Hands down the ABSOLUTE best aftermarket replacement blade on the market!

This sale is for 3 replacement Predator mulching blades blades.

Replaces the following OEM part numbers:


60" CUTS

Center Hole: 29/32"
Width: 2-1/2"
Length: 20-1/2"
Thickness: .250"

John Deere (Undefined): SEVERAL (60")
John Deere COMPACT TRACTOR: 2210 (60")
John Deere COMPACT TRACTOR: 4010 (60")
John Deere COMPACT TRACTOR: 4100 (60")
John Deere COMPACT TRACTOR: 4110 (60")
John Deere COMPACT TRACTOR: 4115 (60")
John Deere COMPACT TRACTOR: 4120 (60")
John Deere COMPACT TRACTOR: 4210 (60")
John Deere COMPACT TRACTOR: 4310 (60")
John Deere COMPACT TRACTOR: 4320 (60")
John Deere COMPACT TRACTOR: 4410 (60")
John Deere COMPACT TRACTOR: 4510 (60")
John Deere COMPACT TRACTOR: 4520 (60")
John Deere COMPACT TRACTOR: 4710 (60")
John Deere COMPACT TRACTOR: 4720 (60")
John Deere COMPACT TRACTOR: 655 (60")
John Deere COMPACT TRACTOR: 670 (60")
John Deere COMPACT TRACTOR: 755 (60")
John Deere COMPACT TRACTOR: 770 (60")
John Deere COMPACT TRACTOR: 790 (60")
John Deere COMPACT TRACTOR: 855 (60")
John Deere COMPACT TRACTOR: 955 (60")
John Deere RIDING MOWER: F1145 (60")
John Deere RIDING MOWER: F910 (60")
John Deere RIDING MOWER: F911 (60")
John Deere RIDING MOWER: F912 (60")
John Deere RIDING MOWER: F915 (60")
John Deere RIDING MOWER: F925 (60")
John Deere RIDING MOWER: F930 (60")
John Deere RIDING MOWER: F932 (60")
John Deere RIDING MOWER: F935 (60")
John Deere RIDING MOWER: 160 (60")
John Deere RIDING MOWER: 260 (60")
John Deere RIDING MOWER: 261 (60")
John Deere RIDING MOWER: 420 (60")
John Deere RIDING MOWER: 425 (60")
John Deere RIDING MOWER: 430 (60")
John Deere RIDING MOWER: 445 (60")
John Deere RIDING MOWER: 450 (60")
John Deere RIDING MOWER: 455 (60")
John Deere RIDING MOWER: 60 (60")
John Deere RIDING MOWER: 647 (60")

Please make sure you are ordering the correct blades. We list model numbers, part number and the exact dimensions so you know exactly what you are getting. Just because the model number is not listed does not mean it doesn't fit but are because it is listed to mean it does. There are serial number breaks and other factors that sometimes change needed blades.

Returns are accepted within 14 business days but the shipping cost to and from me will be at the buyers expense. We can't lose money because you ordered the wrong part. A 15% restocking fee also will apply to all returns. If it was our error in shipping and we sent you the incorrect part a replacement part will be sent out at OUR cost. YOU MUST START A RETURN THROUGH EBAY'S RETURN PROCESS! If the return doesn't have a RMA number it will be declined upon delivery to us.

Tracking information is uploaded daily on all orders and we will ship all orders out within 1 business day from when payment is cleared. 99% of the time we always have the parts on hand but if there is a problem or delay in any part we will notify you promptly.

Methods of payment are paypal only at this time BUT just remember that you can use your credit card even if you do not have a paypal account.

Contact information is through Ebay only. We WILL EMAIL you back in a timely manner. Ebay prohibits the seller to list telephone numbers or personal email accounts and this helps protect Ebay, the seller and the buyer and we do comply with Ebay's terms.

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