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3 USA XHT BLADES FOR MTD CUB CADET 759-3820 759-3857 742-3013-0637 54" CUT 3"WI

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Extreme Hardness Toughness

Replacement XHT Lawnmower blade. XHT(Xtreme Hardness & Toughness) blades are 25-40% harder than standard lawnmower blades. Benefits of the HXT blade are sharper and longer lasting cutting edges. More resistance to bending. Tighter tolerances in the aftermarket vs. OEM. XHT blades also offer greater impact toughness. By the way they are made in the USA!

Hands down the ABSOLUTE best aftermarket replacement blade on the market!
Don't waste your money on the cheapest set you can find on eBay unless you want a cheap blade that will not perform!

There are more than one style blade on the 54" cut machines. Some take the round center hole (like this) and others take a star hole. Know what you need before you buy.

You are buying a set of 3 blades for GT & PRO midsize walk behinds and others that have the 54" deck.

Center Hole: 3/4" round
Width: 3"
Thickness: .197"
Length: 118-1/2""

· Disclaimer: We list model numbers and part numbers for references only. At times the same model may take different parts based on serial number breaks or manufacturers specifications. We list all the specifications on the part (size, width, length, thickness, etc.) and YOU must know what is needed on YOUR application. We can’t possibly make it more known as to what you are receiving when you purchase.




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