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IMPORTANT: I sell this belt if you want a cheaper alternative to the exact oem spec made belt (which I also sell, just search 123599231986
in the search box on eBay). A lot of other sellers on eBay sell these belts and make folks think they are buying the same as the oem spec belts when they are not. That is why they seem to be selling at a better price but they are not selling the same quality. This is a "will fit" belt. If I was buying, I always go back with the exact made oem spec belts when available to make sure the equipment stays up and running longer in between down times. This belt will work but you are not buying the same quality as the oem spec belts. Some folks like these belts as well or better but to each his own. Thanks


.625" X 155"

Exmark ZERO-TURN: PNE22KA482 PIONEER (Deck 48")
Exmark ZERO-TURN: PNE651GKA48200 PIONEER (Deck 48")
Exmark ZERO-TURN: PNE710GKA48200 PIONEER (Deck 48")
Exmark ZERO-TURN: PNS710GKC483A4 PIONEER (Deck 48")
Exmark ZERO-TURN: PNS710KC483 PIONEER (Deck 48")
Exmark ZERO-TURN: QSP20KAS483 QUEST (Deck 48")
Exmark ZERO-TURN: QUEST SP (Deck 48" SN 850000>)

DISCLAIMER: We list model numbers & part numbers for your reference. NOTE that you may have the same model with a different deck or serial number or configuration. We list the EXACT size of the belt so if you are unsure measure yours. Please do not tell us we sent you the wrong belt when we send you the exact dimension belt we have listed. It is your responsibility to know what you need to order and all we can do is ship what you order. Thank you!

Please keep in mind that there are multiple factors that may cause belts to fail. If you don't fix the problem a new belt (from me or anyone else) will NOT function properly. If you are shredding belts, burning the sides, over stretching or they keep popping off...these are not belt problems but something on the mower.

Returns are accepted within 14 business days but the shipping cost to and from me will be at the buyers expense. We can't lose money because you ordered the wrong belt. A 15% restocking fee also will apply to all returns. If it was our error in shipping and we sent you the incorrect part a replacement belt will be sent out at OUR cost.
Tracking information is uploaded daily on all orders and we will ship all orders out within 1 business day from when payment is cleared. 99% we always have the parts on hand but if there is a problem or delay in any part we will notify you.

Methods of payment are paypal only at this time.

Contact information is through Ebay only. We WILL EMAIL you back in a timely manner. Ebay prohibits the seller to list telephone numbers or personal email accounts and this helps protect Ebay, the seller and the buyer and we do comply with Ebay's terms.

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